Our Mission

Celebraintion was born in a moment of change.

 The spring of 2020 saw an explosion of new and recovering life in natural environments around the globe, as humans were kept at home by quarantines and travel restrictions. In the face of a bleak and desperate moment for most of us, plants and animals lived through the cleanest, quietest, and simplest season they’d experienced in generations.

 Bearing witness to that resurgent natural beauty changed our perspective and our priorities. We found a new mission, and a vision of how we might return to outside life with greater awareness and clearer intentions.

 We said to ourselves: nothing will ever be the same. Let’s help make sure, as we look ahead, that our new world is changing for the better.


The Caring Army

 Our mission is grounded in the idea of a community of responsible individuals. People like us, people who care about the natural spaces around them and about the health of the global ecosystem. We call that community “the caring army”: a group organized not from a central hub, but from all around. A group defined not my membership or status, but by action. 

 That action can take many forms, from protesting to recycling to changing the details of our everyday routines. At Celebraintion, we focus on two things: sustainable consumer choices and controlling litter. They are both ways of living up to the responsibility that we believe comes with the freedom of life in modern, developed societies. That’s why we created our flagship product to offer a better, more compassionate choice to the members of our caring army. We wanted to help them celebrate life consciously, and to support them in making real change.

Our motto is "Celebrate life... consciously!
Everyone can play it, hoping that becomes a new and healthy habit! Be part of the change!

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the caring backpack | with all you need to clean up from waste. Equipped with a metal grabber and protective gloves