Celebrate life...consciously!


"the Caring Backpack"

The Bag That Keeps The Planet Clean

We are delighted by the results of our first big project. We created a simple, honest bag inspired by the practical and workman like backpacks of soldiers from an earlier era, designing and equipping them to carry everything you need for convenient waste removal as you spend time in the outdoors.
Everyone can play it, hoping that becomes a new and healthy habit!

"the Caring Backpack"

Celebrate life...consciously! Be part of the change...actively!

It’s more than a backpack; it’s a sustainably sourced toolkit. Each bag is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or RPET , cleaned and reprocessed into a durable, versatile material. They come equipped with loops and straps to hold a waste grabber—essential for nastier trash items—plus a pocket for heavy gloves, and they’re comfortable and sturdy even when packed full of litter you’ve removed from your favorite nature spots.

The planet is in our hand and everyone's help is needed. Together we can!

Celebrate life...consciously!

100% Recycled

The Caring Backpack is made of RPET fabric (recycled PET plastics)
Extremely Soft and lightweight: 21,16-oz
• Fully lined with recycle polyester
• Poly-Cotton Canvas Shoulder Straps
• Padded back for comfortable carrying
• 2 external pockets for work gloves & garbage bags storage
• 2 internal pockets for belongings
• Main big storage for clothes and personal effects
• 2 Colors available: Dark Grey | Sand
• Loops for metal grabber

100% Recycled caring backpack
  • All you need!

    Easy accessibility storage. Handy metal grabber hooked on side, work gloves into external room. Bottom is designed with hanging point by helping the user to carry fully bag to trash can easily.

    Easy accessibility storage
  • Our first product

    At the same time, the Celebraintion bag is a useful,
    lightweight hiking backpack.

    It’s ideal for country walks, seaside strolls, and adventures in mountainous terrain. It’s stylish enough to look good as you explore a new city, spacious and organized enough for all kinds of personal outdoor use, and comfortable enough for a long day of travel.

    The RPET fabric is strong, tear-resistant, and water-repellant, evoking the familiar feel of traditional canvas rucksacks.

  • Take action for a better planet

    We believe that we have built something of real value. A product that adds power to consumer choice, letting you turn your next purchase into an act of conscience and purpose. So arm yourself, equip yourself to make a difference.

    Then get outside, enjoy the unique and astonishing beauty of the natural world, and leave your environment better than you found it.

    Imagine what bilions of people can do if truly believe their action makes a difference.